You might find this hard to believe but….
Posted on January 23, 2024

just because a business has the ‘right’ ingredients…doesn’t mean it’s going to have wild amounts of revenue.

After seeing behind-the-scenes of businesses for 8 years now…I know what goes into not only building a profitable business but scaling it.

I’ve also seen businesses that had all the ‘right’ things (aka money, shiny marketing, etc) and still didn’t make it.

While other businesses…I truly thought, “We’ll see how long this lasts….” and they have blown their results out of the water!

Here are 4️⃣ takeaways I want to share with you on why this happens and what YOU can steal from it!

✅ They decided they would reach their vision. I know…you’re 🙄 me SO hard right now! But truly…if you don’t BELIEVE that six figures is possible for you or that you’re worthy of’s going to be really hard to get there!

✅ They were able to pivot, be flexible, and use the data and feedback they got. You have to decide AND you can’t just stick your head in the sand. If you get new information about your potential clients…update your messaging! If you’re in a launch and you get information about objections…update your emails and speak to those ASAP!

✅ They built true relationships- with clients, with collaborators, with anyone! These connections and relationships opened the doors to opportunities they couldn’t have imagined.

✅ They get the right support! They’re working with me so that they can solve the right problem, close the right gap, and KNOW what to implement so that you get a full client roster and $10k months.

If you’ve been confused about what ingredients go into creating six figures, or what actually ‘works’ to book clients in your business, grab your FREE $10k Content Strategy Audit Call for more clients and cash.

Together, we’ll cut through the BS so that you know what steps to take so that your potential clients connect the dots and hire you ASAP. You’ll walk away with tangible tweaks to make now so that THIS is the year you get a full client roster and join the $100k club!

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