“You love your business more than me!”
Posted on August 20, 2022

-My oldest daughter said to me when a work meeting conflicted with a talent show at her tennis camp.😢

In my defense, the talent show was 45 minutes before pickup time! Also…I never expected tennis camp to have a talent show!

She turns 7 today! 🥳

She is THE reason I had the guts to start my own business.

At the time, I had never worked for myself and left a *secure* job as a RN in a dermatologist’s office.

The work paid for childcare. My childcare allowed me to go to work. They basically negated each other and I felt guilty for not being with my baby 75% of the day!

When she was two weeks old, I lugged her in her big car seat into BestBuy to purchase my work computer. I’ve never looked back! 🙌

Today, I make more money working PT for myself than I ever did working FT for someone else!

I take my girls to school in the AM, I pick them up in the afternoon, and they see me build a biz I ❤️ and work with the best clients!

Yes, sometimes I get accused of loving my business more or S*** just hits the fan. That’s life and it’s still 💯 worth it!

If you are running your business and want an income that you are proud of, that provides for you, AND that feels good doing it…I’m telling you…it is 💯% possible!

You have the opportunity to do what you love AND feel peaceful around your numbers AND be profitable AND not miss those amazing *life* moments that are the reason we’re here.

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