Yes, You Can Bust Through Your Revenue Plateau And Take Home More Cash
Posted on April 25, 2023

The longer I support clients and talk to business owners, the more I see that breaking through your income glass ceiling doesn’t have to do with creating a new strategy, hacking an algorithm, or hustling harder. I want to share this with you because I’ve seen this process to be SO powerful with clients and while building my own profitable business (that brings in consistent five-figure months).

I hear, “I’ve been making $X for so long now but really want to reach $Y each month! What am I doing wrong?” First, I want to completely normalize that hitting an income glass ceiling is what happens to a lot of business owners. So please…don’t make yourself wrong! Second, I see them go out and start doing all.the.things (basically throwing spaghetti at the wall) to figure out how to get to that income goal. Join me live on Wednesday in my FB Group Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs for this conversation, where I’ll share the surprising ways you can BUST through your income glass ceiling and reach your income goals! Spoiler alert: it has ZERO to do with hustling more! I have a special gift for someone who joins live or on the replay!

** This video is from a livestream that occurs every Wednesday at 12pm EST in my Facebook Group, Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs. This is a group for business owners who want to use data to make decisions from a neutral place AND create more take-home pay. For more content on creating more revenue and take-home pay for those $10k months you SO desire, join us here:… or visit my website **