Yes- I’m Obsessed!
Posted on January 10, 2022
How do you WANT to feel around money in your business?
Most entrepreneurs want to feel abundant, taken care of, profitable.
Start feeling those emotions now before you have $X in the bank, or sign the big client, or roll out the new service.
Taking care of our money will ensure that it will take care of us.  In order to take care of our money, we have to look at it and pay attention to it.  Like any other relationship in your life.  If you don’t nurture it…it suffers!
Money Mondays are a great time to sit down, look at your accounts, and feel abundant before you reach your revenue goals.  Feel grateful for the income you’ve received, the vendors who provide amazing services to help you run your business, and overall know that you’re taken care of.
A weekly look at your money will tell you if your expenses are generating revenue or they’re just on autopilot.
I love weekly money dates and my clients love monthly or bi-monthly meetings to make sure their numbers and goals are on track.
If you’re confused about where to start or feel like you’re behind…don’t be! Give me a call- your success is inevitable!