YES – I currently have a 💯% retention rate with my 1:1 clients!
Posted on September 9, 2022

And I am so open to the fact that this was not always the case! When I started these services 14 months ago, I built it based on what I saw other fractional CFOs doing.

👉 The monthly investment was higher.
👉 There was only one long monthly meeting.
👉 The monthly meeting was mostly focused on numbers and metrics.
👉 They didn’t get much support in between.

That’s what I *thought* I was supposed to be doing!

It wasn’t serving my clients, their eyes would glaze over, it wasn’t getting them results (aka more ☮️ and more 💰in their business), and they weren’t renewing.

I could have seen that as a *failure* or that I need to *stay in my lane* or go back to strictly bookkeeping.

But I didn’t…I tested and tweaked my packages and pricing. What I have today supports my clients SO much better and gets them next-level results. 👏

🤗 The monthly investment is way more manageable.
🤗 We have 3 meetings a month.
🤗 We talk heart and mindset in addition to all the reports and metrics.
🤗 They get all the support they need in between meetings.

This is to invite you to build your business YOUR way! Get curious about what’s working and what’s not working. Try things. Test them. Rinse, repeat, and refine!

If you’re confused about what “your way” is…get some 1:1 support on that! Snag one of my FREE Get Honest With Your Strategy To Scale Calls and we’ll get clear on your ideal client, your onboarding process, pricing/packages, and anything else that comes up! I have a couple left for September so grab yours today! You will walk away with clear action steps to move you to a business that feels good to you AND brings you more take-home pay! Link in bio. 🔗 Book Here!

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