YES- I currently have a 💯% retention rate with my 1️⃣:1️⃣ clients!
Posted on September 9, 2022

This is SO powerful for them because they have someone who KNOWS them and their business. I am here to support them when:

👉 Their brain starts ‘doing that thing’ that tells them they aren’t good enough.

👉 Their anxiety kicks up around money and feeling like it isn’t all working (side note: we can usually pull up the numbers and see they are actually WAY higher than they thought).

👉 They need to switch their focus from the numbers and metrics to their mindset.

👉 Getting clear on the work they’re available for and committing to their new pricing structure.

👉 They aren’t giving themselves credit for everything they’ve ALREADY achieved! I love some numbers and metrics but if we ignore all the other *stuff* in our business (aka what’s going on in our mind) we miss out on some next-level results!

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Jordan Ilderton