Yes, businesses are closing (we had 2 bookkeeping clients shut down after 2023).
Posted on June 5, 2024

Yes, businesses are making ⬇️ revenue and ❌ costs (as a bookkeeper I can see biz revenue trends and the costs they’re cutting).

Yes, done-for-you service providers are getting cut so that business owners can save a few 💴.

I’ve seen monthly web retainers canceled, social media posting/scheduling/engagement gone, and even our bookkeeping services cut.🙈

As DFY service providers we can feel pretty smug that people ‘can’t run their biz’ without us but when 💰 gets tight they find a way to DIY what you offer.

You can find this scary AF


You can be empowered + savvy and do something about it before your bank account is dismally low.

Find out what the savviest DFY service providers are doing to set themselves up to not only maintain their cash + clients in 2024 but to ⬆️ their monthly revenue to $10k plus when everyone else is scrambling 👇🏼

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