Year-End Preparation- 3 Steps
Posted on November 29, 2021

“Hello from the other side.  I must’ve called a thousand times.” -Adele

As we move into 2022 it bears repeating….year end preparation happens ALL year long!  If you’re just now starting, you are behind!

But it’s not too late!  

Here are 3 steps to get you started:

  1. Collect W-9 Forms.  Collecting these throughout the year makes it so much easier!  But start now and ask any professional/contractor who did work for you to send their signed W-9 (or request it directly through QuickBooks Online with their email address).  You will also need to request one from the company your rent from.  Subcontractors get a 1099-NEC and rent paid goes on 1099-MISC.
  2. Reconcile accounts.  Make sure all of your bank and credit card accounts are reconciled in your bookkeeping software.  Follow-up on any unreconciled items.  If long overdue, they may be a duplicate and need to be deleted.  Do your research first and figure out what happened!
  3. Clear up questions!  Throughout the year, you or your bookkeeper may have had transactions that weren’t categorized.  Get the answers for those outstanding transactions and put them in the correct accounts.

These are the BARE minimum of what you need to do.  They are also coming from a reactive, not a proactive, place.

These are some of the basic bookkeeping functions we provide for your business while we work together to grow and improve your business.  We create such an amazing partnership that allows your back-end work to be taken care of while we focus on your vision and how to generate higher profits.

DM me to have a conversation!  I have high-level 1:1 spots available.  My calendar link is in my bio.  You get the monthly support you need so you can stay in your zone of genius!

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