Woop Woop! Let’s Celebrate!
Posted on April 1, 2022

We recently worked with a client who had over-reported his income by $50K!

Basically, he didn’t match the deposits to the invoices so the money was counted twice.


Here are some other recent client WINS:

– Worked with a product-based business to increase the average ticket size by $1.00 which increased revenue by $4243 in February (which is their slowest month)!


– Worked with a service provider to add an additional stream of revenue.  Her 2022 revenue is up by $9555 YTD for 2022 vs 2021.


– Worked with a small private school that wanted to move into a larger location.  We calculated their new fixed and variable costs with the larger space, the amount of tuition needed to pay for the space as well as costs associated with additional staff.  They are moving in when the school year ends in May!


– Worked with a product-based business and ran a break-even calculation on a new piece of equipment for the busy season that will pay for itself after selling 212 units.  They expect to break-even within the first month (during the slow season) and the expected revenue this summer is (conservatively) $7000!!


-Currently working with a married couple-owned business to get them more support.  We’re creating job descriptions, systems & processes, and working on time blocking to get their system lean and stream(lined)!


What have you worked on recently that brought BIG results to your clients?  Please share them so we can all celebrate!


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