Why you shouldn’t stress about the economy
Posted on January 12, 2023

Words I’ve heard a lot lately 👇

“Because of the economy”

“What the economy is doing”

I don’t care what the economy is ‘doing’ but the world needs your services or products probably NOW more than ever!

➡️ If you are a creative and sell paintings and photos- COVID taught us beauty in our surroundings lifts us up.
➡️ If you sell online services so people can share their magic, market their services and promote themselves, the online space is bustling right now so there is opportunity everywhere!
➡️ If you sell handmade products and artisanal crafts we have learned how much the materials in our environment matter and affect our health.
➡️ I know people want support to create more Peace + Profit in their businesses and I am the best place for them to spend their time and precious dollars!

Now is NOT the time to tap out, give up, and roll over because of ‘the economy’.

People who get creative during times of uncertainty can create wild amounts of 💰.

I had clients who started their business BECAUSE of COVID and made bank (from a place of integrity they saw an opportunity to serve people but they were not opportunistic- big difference here)!

Whatever you provide- the world needs it now more than ever!

Lean in- double down on your message and the problem you solve.

Keep up the momentum so you can ‘blow up’ (in a good way) and let the other people tap out.

In what way are you supporting your people even more right now, whether it’s with a service or a product?