Why I no longer consume the news
Posted on January 12, 2023

I developed scalp psoriasis back in 2020…

I was consuming a lot of news around that time for the election and COVID 🦠 numbers.

It wasn’t good for my mind and directly affected my body and health.

So I stopped. ✋

I basically no longer consume the news because friends and family will always tell me what I need to know (and more).

I basically put myself in a bubble.

“Is that irresponsible?” you may ask.

Taking care of my mind and body is SO responsible. It’s actually my #1 priority as a mom and business owner!

It helps me stay neutral. When we freak out and make decisions based on fearcity (fear + scarcity as my coach says) it doesn’t serve us or our business.

When other people freak out and tap out I get to lean in. I get to say neutral and stay in it for bigger results.

If I pulled back on getting support right now, I wouldn’t be able to support my clients as well or connect with potential new clients. My business could definitely dry up without those connections! Saving a few bucks would hurt my business more than it ‘saves’ me.

When others ask, “Are you worried?”

I say, “No”.

My mantra right now (and in any economy) is I get to be creative during times of uncertainty.

People actually need my services more than ever right now to feel peaceful + create more profit in their businesses and it wouldn’t help them if I stopped and held back.

What’s the story you’re telling yourself right now? How is that serving (or not) serving you?