Who’s ready to celebrate?! 🎉
Posted on June 30, 2022

Today we are celebrating my clients!

I am SO honored to work with such amazing people! They have shown up, gotten curious about their business, made changes, and created more peace and profit in their businesses! 🙌

I love my clients and seriously feel so honored to support them on their journey. They have so much to share with the world to better their communities AND themselves as humans.

Getting curious about your business and making changes takes guts and humiliity. It is not easy!

In the first half of 2022 my clients have:

🌟 Added PT and FT staff to their business so they can step out of the admin roles in their business.
🌟 Determined their (updated) actual costs for their products and input them into their POS so they have accurate COGS each month.
🌟 Added a revenue stream that made her $20k in cash in three months
🌟 Another client added a revenue stream that made (continues to make) her $30k a month (net profit) for the summer months.
🌟 Officially launched their business that was over a year in the making.
🌟 One client has stepped out entirely of the day-to-day in his business since we created a well-oiled machine so it can run without him.

This doesn’t even mention the intangible results of feeling peaceful in their business and know it will continue to provide for them and their families.

If you’re ready for 1:1 support, so you can end the year with your own business wins, let’s chat! Book a free call with the 🔗 in my bio!

Space is limited so if you’re curious about working together be sure to grab your spot!

One of my 2022 goals, is to fully book out my 1:1 openings and I’m almost there!

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