Who says you can’t create more monthly recurring revenue in the next 10 days? ⬇️
Posted on June 5, 2024

If you’re a DFY service provider who feels like their revenue is hit or miss each month and you crave the stability that monthly recurring revenue will bring to your business…you want to listen to these 3 tips!

These are 3 things to implement now and see MRR increase in the next 10 days!

Why 10 days? Because it will take you a minute to implement but the results are pretty immediate once you do.

First…let’s normalize the fact that overall….creating $10k MRR is a long-term game. It’s something we’re building + gaining momentum as the overall monthly revenue trajectory goes up.

AND..there are things to do now to increase your MRR.

3 tips to grow MRR:
#1 Prioritize long-term contracts and create containers for your customers to keep buying from you. They’ve already purchased from you and had a great experience…what can you create to support them monthly so they get a valuable service from someone they already trust and who knows their business? If you need help with ideas…DM me for a link to my Sold Out Strategy Session…this is my jam!

#2 Stop prioritizing paid in full (PIF). I know the PIF numbers are ‘sexy’ to post online but you’re probably giving someone a discount to PIF. Instead, prioritize the monthly payments. This one might not be the right call for everyone…but if your goal is higher MRR…PIF isn’t helping you.

#3 Set up your sales funnel to point to the long-term contract. If building MRR is your goal, have all roads point to the offer that provides MRR!

If you feel like you’ve worked extremely hard….you’ve left your 9-5 job and got full with your DFY services but are now at a crossroads where you want to grow your MRR without sacrificing your life…I got you!

As someone who has had the ‘sink or swim’ moment…I pivoted from $35/hour DFY services to high ticket coaching for $20k months and I’m ready to lay it all out for you!

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