Who I had to let go of in my business
Posted on January 28, 2024
I’ve said goodbye to a part of me, and you won’t believe the difference it’s making!

Meet ‘Scarcity Jordan’ – my alter ego who thrived on financial insecurity, constantly whispering doomsday scenarios, no matter how well things were actually going.

Ever felt that way?

But here’s the twist! Remember that scene from Harry Potter #5, where Ron battles the brains in the Ministry of Magic? I envisioned ‘Scarcity Jordan’ in that exact scenario. And guess what? Unlike Ron, she didn’t survive.

Letting go of her was like dropping a heavy backpack full of rocks. That piece of me needed to go so that I could move farther faster.

I filled my client roster and $20k months DESPITE her….imagine what I can do now?

This was all pretty recent stuff so I don’t have any shiny results to share yet. But here’s a thought for you:

But is there a part of you that’s dragging you down?
A piece that’s outlived its purpose?
What if now’s the time for your own ‘goodbye’ moment?

To reach those six-figure dreams, it’s time to embrace a new version of yourself. One that’s unburdened and unstoppable.

And yeah, I know change can be daunting. That’s why I’m here to support you through it.
Let’s start with a FREE Content Strategy Audit Call.

Together we can look at what pieces need to go so that your content is no longer hidden and watered down. Once you let pieces of yourself go, your content and marketing strategy will connect to the right folks and speak to them more clearly.

You just need to be who you already are….grab your spot by commenting “10K’ or grab the link in my bio!