Where Attention Goes- Energy Flows!
Posted on March 22, 2022

When we start thinking about our ideal business, I like to categorize things into “buckets”.

Our ideal business is more than just revenue and profit!

Think about your “Headquarters”.  Where do you want to work?  Is it an office, out in the field, online while you travel in your RV?  Who is there?  Are you alone or with a team?

Then we go into “Clients/Product Results”.  Who do you want to help?  What problem do you solve?  What value do you deliver?  Getting super clear on who you help will help make your message more concise!

Next is “Exposure & Selling”.  Where and how do you get new clients?  Do you go to networking events?  Do you go to trade shows?  Is it word of mouth and referrals?  You need to know how clients/customers find you so that you will be in their field!

Strategic planning is a blueprint.  Someone should be able to pick it up and know exactly where you want to go.  It’s also fluid!  As life changes, so do our goals and keeping those updated is so important!

I get lots of blank stares when I ask about defining your niche.  I have a 5 Step Handout to help you Define Your Niche!  Message me if you would like a copy!

Question- has your niche grown/changed along your entrepreneurial journey?