When you’re a web designer, OBM, CPA, VA, bookkeeper, or social media manager who has someone like ME in your back pocket…
Posted on March 25, 2024

Here it is 👇🏼
– PayPal payout of $9975

-Hit goal of 25 signups

-New revenue of $10k in 1st month working together

-28 people added to waitlist

These are the types of results you can expect!

Promising results would be SO out of integrity but these #’s are what I see ALL the time when I partner with DFY service providers who are ready for those $10k months on repeat.

If you’re here let me guess…

You’re a DFY service provider who is tired of always being on the hook for client delivery for pennies.

You feel like your prices are too low but keep hearing ‘I can’t afford it’ when you raise them.

Your DFY services kick-started your biz but the shine has worn off and you want out (or imagine 🔥 down your biz).

That’s where I come in!

My track record shows my clients get results.

We partner up to gain clarity on your skills + experience that only YOU bring to the table.

We make it scaleable. We repackage those skills into a premium offer with a premium price tag.

What I know to be true after supporting clients JUST LIKE YOU to $10k months on repeat…is that you’re in the best position to:

👉🏻 create a course
👉🏻 create a program
👉🏻 create a mastermind
👉🏻 create a coaching or consulting container

Because YOU have the skills to back this shiz up!

Do you know how many people are out there making bank and they don’t even have the skills and experience that YOU have?

When you’re ready for booked out programs , waitlists for days AND $10k months that just don’t 🛑

Your best next step is to grab some FREE 1:1 support from someone who has gone from a bookkeeper charging $35/hr to $20k cash months as a coach.

I’m the best person to help you create, launch, and sell your new offer + to put my 💵 where my mouth is I’m doing it for free!

You heard right!

When you grab my FREE 1:1 Sold Out Strategy Session you’ll gain clarity on the exact skills you can repackage, the type of container, or how to book paying clients in what you already have.

Comment ‘YES’ or grab the 🔗 in my bio to grab your session!

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