When your hourly rates won’t get you to $10k plus months…
Posted on June 5, 2024

Do what’s easier!

Here’s the truth ⤵️

Charging hourly will not only NOT get you $10k plus months it also sucks away at your well-being and ⬆️ anxiety.

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Nobody is talking about this…but I AM!

Go back 20+ years ago when I worked in public accounting and had a quota of ‘billable hours’.

Things in life that weren’t billable, felt like a ‘waste’.

My entire life started to revolve around billable (aka productive and worthwhile) and nonbillable which felt like I wasn’t using my time wisely or was getting behind at work.

My 🧠 was good at tallying this up in my head, so all day my actions went in the worthy/billable’ or ‘waste of time/unbillable’ file + this f’d me up!

If you’re a DFY service provider charging by the hour…this treats YOU as a commodity.

An hour not working can feel like an hour wasted.

Or maybe not working feels like an indulgence that you can’t allow yourself.

>> Check in: Are you treating yourself and your time like a commodity?<<

🛑 treating yourself like something to be sold in a town square market.

If you’re ready to ⬇️ anxiety, the feeling that what you’re doing is ‘never enough’ and instead enjoy your life + business + not wrap your revenue or worthiness up in hours worked…

You need my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY service providers scaling to $10k months.

There IS a Fast Pass to $10k months + ain’t hourly…it’s all about creating a high-ticket offer that has you stop the hustle + instead step into a thought leader.

You need to create a new offer that has clients wanting to throw 💴 at you regardless of the ⏰ you’re in front of your computer.

This FREE support is clarity around the skills you bring to the table as a DFY provider, the service that your clients are begging you to create, + the next steps so that you can roll this out ASAP.

If the hourly grind isn’t working anymore you want this support from someone who has pivoted from $35/hr bookkeeping to $20k cash months as a 1:1 coach.

Here you go ⤵️
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