When you realize that selling your high-ticket offer actually requires you to SELL
Posted on June 5, 2024

Even if you ‘didn’t have to’ with DFY services.

“Would telling people I have six spots be lame?”
-my DWY service provider client asked during her session.

I asked, “Why would it be lame?”

You’re a business owner, selling your services and only have a certain number of spots.

Not only is it NOT “lame” but choosing silence over sharing your bada$$ services doesn’t help anyone.

It certainly doesn’t help your potential clients know that you can solve their very real problems.

If you’re expecting your services to “sell themselves” you’re leaving money on the table and not helping the very people you can support.

You may be losing clients to someone less qualified but is selling louder than you.

If putting yourself out there feels wildly uncomfortable…I get it…I’ve been there. I

I was a multi-six-figure business owner for years before I started sharing my results! It doesn’t come easily to most of us.

But I can say 100% the internet won’t shut down when you share your # of openings, or the results that are possible or (shocker) even “brag” on yourself.

What is one thing you can do TODAY to share how you can support your clients?
Or share how many spots you have.

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