Posted on November 23, 2021

“Something tells me, something’s gonna happen tonight.” – Cilla Black

When _____ happens then I will _____.   I use these “when ____ then _____” statements with my kids all the time!  When we get our shoes on, then we’ll go outside.  When we have clean sheets on the bed, then we’ll go visit our friends.  When we clean up our craft stuff, then we’ll eat dinner.  These are great statements to teach them the progression of something.  

I have learned that “when, then” is not a great way to go through life!  When I make the money, then I’ll feel joyful.  When I have more customers, then I’ll feel secure.  

We should actually find and feel joy all the time!  We should feel that security no matter what “real” life looks like.  These things are always there.  Joy is our natural state.  We can and should feel it every day.  We deserve to feel it every day.  We can share it with our loved ones every day.  This is available to us!

If your joy is contingent on when a certain circumstance occurs…you may be waiting a long time.  Let’s work on feeling it now!

If your security is wrapped up in certain circumstances in your business….let’s change that!  Let’s get you into an empowered state.  

Did you know I offer 90-minute intensives?  Yes!  I found that some business owners need a little boost.  They’re doing things themself and need another set of eyes.  Or a foundation for a budget or some guidance on how to pay themselves.  

We can talk about all of this!  I can look at your QBO account with you.  We can come up with a deliverable for you to take and work to implement yourself.  You’ll also have the zoom recording to take with you to watch and rewatch.

When we release the suffering we can allow joy to flow in. All the time.  No matter what.  Let’s feel the feeling first.  As we take our actions and make our dreams a reality.

DM me for a link to schedule.  Gift yourself this time of one-to-one focus on you and your business.

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