When Is A Good Time To Think “Business”?
Posted on April 8, 2022

NOT when washing dishes.

NOT when doing laundry.

NOT when packing kid’s snacks.


If we’re constantly thinking about business… guess how we’re going to feel?


Super busy!


But we aren’t really that busy.  We’re just letting our business consume us and our brains.


As a business owner our success is dependent on us.


Which is a curse AND a blessing!


I LOVE that my results are 100% up to me.  What I don’t love is that if I don’t watch my mind like a hawk…it will think about business all the time.


I could drive to the kid’s school, get there, and sing Talking Heads, “How did I get here?”


If we’re going to be in our business for the long haul- which I’m sure you are- we’ve got to check our heads!


This is why I love time blocking so much!  I don’t have to worry about when I’m going to work on my business and do certain tasks.  I have them blocked each day!


Although, I’m 100% down with inspiration just hitting me while on a walk or eating my lunch but…I don’t need to practice in my head how to respond to an email or what I’m going to say on a 1:1 call.


How does that resonate with you?  Have you caught yourself ‘doing work’ in your head while you’re with your family or doing chores?

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