When I pivoted to 1:1 coaching I didn’t know it would take me two years to make consistent $10k months from it.
Posted on June 5, 2024

And here’s what I remind my clients…⤵️
Those DFY services are such an asset to you as you create, launch, and scale your new high-ticket offer.

Let’s just say I was the turtle vs the hare when it came to filling my 1:1 spots.

**This has actually worked in my favor because I give such exceptional service those clients keep renewing over and over AND while it took 2 years to hit $10k I made $125k during that time .**

But while it may have taken a while to get my coaching services off the ground…bookkeeping was a great source of recurring monthly revenue.

The bookkeeping revenue allowed me to invest in myself and my team so that I could get the coaching off the ground.

👉🏻 So I could invest in 1:1 support that has literally created tens of thousands in new revenue.

👉🏻 So I could get support with social media so that I’m not the one scheduling and posting everything but focus on my 1:1 clients and creating epic free content that’s as good as most of the low-ticket paid sh** out there.

It may have taken two years to get to consistent $10k months with coaching but I wasn’t stressed, I wasn’t losing sleep, and I wasn’t scrambling because I had my DFY services on lockdown and bringing in consistent cash.

As a DFY provider pivoting to DWY for $10k plus months…you are in the BEST position.

I know I sound like a broken record…but having those DFY services bring in consistent cash each months gives you so much safety.

It gives you a treasure trove of existing clients who already love your work.

It gives you credibility and you’ve already built a strong reputation in your industry.

So while getting to $10k months may have seemed ‘slow’ I quickly popped to $20k months which was mostly profit because I grew in such a sustainable way with reliable revenue every single month.

You already have the skills you need for $10k plus months on repeat.

DM me ‘strategy’ for a 🔗 for my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session so that you can pivot to high ticket for 5-figure months faster!

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