When I hear another mom say, “I’m SO ready for summer!” Meanwhile….
Posted on June 5, 2024

I’m confused because I’m a multi-6-figure business owner who works at home AND is a full-time mom in the summer who feels like an avalanche is coming down on me for the next 10ish weeks.

As a multi-6-figure biz owner AND mom of 3 girls….Summer makes me 🤪

After 4 years, I still feel like it’s a sh**show between trying to book them in camps

👉🏻 which didn’t work bc they hated it, I dropped a ton of $$ on it, and we had whiplash every week of where they should be and when and with what

AND giving them space to just be kids and be ‘bored’ and play with kids in the neighborhood

👉🏻 which didn’t work bc all the kids were booked in camps!

I get new data each year and have improved this process but TBH it still feels like a hot phuckin mess.🙈

And I’m SO grateful that I’ve intentionally set my biz up to navigate this, take the ENTIRE month of July off to hang with them off the grid in the NC mountains…

But to say, ‘I’m so ready for summer’ is a big f’n joke!

What’s NOT a joke? ⤵️

How good I am supporting DFY service providers pivot to high-ticket so they can make $10k months on repeat.

Taking your one funnel to multi-six-figures is my zone of genius!

I keep it SO simple so that you can make full-time pay in part-time hours and still hang with your kids by the pool during the summer…

Even when it doesn’t look perfect all the time!

So it’s this funny dichotomy that sometimes we don’t have it all figured out

AND we can be really freaking good at what we do!

Maybe you’re a bada$$ bookkkeeper but haven’t figured out how to sell your DWY advisory services.

Or the best online social media manager who is still figuring out selling her $3k VIP day.

If so, follow me @ilderton_bookkeeping_coaching so that you have the tools to make your six-figure switch working whatever hours you have this summer!

Then LMK…are you so ready for summer OR are you still trying to figure it out like me? 🙈😆

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