When DFY service providers who want $10k plus months work with me they aren’t getting ‘just a coach’…
Posted on March 25, 2024

They get someone in their corner who knows data!

I know what numbers to use and how to interpret them so that my clients:

💡 have clarity on the right gap to close/right problem to solve

💪🏽 know what actions are booking clients

💰 and how they can lean in to money conversations to support their audience to feel seen, held and take that next step to hire them.

I am a CPA/bookkeeper turned 1:1 business coach.

MOST coaches can’t support you with data like I do.

MOST advisors/numbers folks can’t support you with the mindset + strategy it takes to book clients with your high ticket offer.

Just like my daily cream is a combo of SPF and tinted makeup that gets me max results with one product…

I am a unique combination of coaching + a numbers girl to support you to fill your high-touch/high-ticket roster!

When you have me in your corner you aren’t scratching your head wondering why your offer isn’t selling. 🤔

You have literal data at your fingertips and me in your corner so that you feel so suooorted and can get out of your own way!

When you’re ready for for 1:1 support in your biz so that you can stop doing.all.the.things and know the actions that book high-ticket clients…I got ya!

I’ve got two Creating $10k MRR intensives opening in March!

Is one meant to be yours?

These intensives are for the DFY service provider who wants to hone in on messaging that converts clients, or who wants a client journey that nurtures real relationship building, or who wants clarity around the offer + actions to make those holy grail $10k months.

If you’re ready to see for yourself what a difference this kind of 1:1 support can bring…DM me for a 🔗 for a best fit call.

I can’t wait to hear about you, your business, and how we’ll make those $10k months your reality! 💰

❤️ Jordan

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