What’s Your Story?
Posted on February 2, 2022
In 2015, I started my business with a 2-week old baby on my chest!
I LOVE owning a business and if you’re a business owner I’m sure you’re just as passionate!
When you feel a purpose to start something it usually doesn’t matter if it’s the right ‘time’ ⏰
I distinctly remember having my daughter’s car seat hooked on my arm as I purchased my first ‘work laptop’.
I reactivated my CPA license while she slept and got my QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification in between feedings.
I loved every second of it! I’ve since had two more girls and my business has grown up with them.
I work with so many business owners who are as passionate as me and it’s such a dream!
They felt a calling in their heart and just went for it!
I’m so grateful for my kids- they gave me the courage to create my business and pave my own way.
They gave me the courage to figure out what ‘success’ looks like to me and for our family.
And the courage to step away from someone else’s dream and build my own.
What triggered the start of your business? I’d love to hear your story!