What’s In Your Home?
Posted on November 23, 2017

Most of you know I have two small children at home so I’m constantly aware that ‘little eyes are watching’.  I try to set a good example for my kids and shopping is no exception!  Yes, I’m relentlessly wanting to be efficient but shopping local is worth the (sometimes) extra effort.  It may mean going to a separate store to buy my beauty products or dog food or to get a gift card but to me, it’s worth it!

I want my kids to see these small shops and see the people working in them.  I want them to see the people who put their heart and soul into what they do every single day.  I want my kids to see this and one day…do the same thing!

I don’t want everything in my home and surrounding my family to be from a big box or online store shipped from China- GROSS!  I want to have quality items that make us feel good to hold, wear and use.  The world moves so fast these days I hope my kids learn to slow down and find quality products and support the people who make them.  I want to support these small shops so they’ll be around when my kids have grown and buying their own products.

Other ‘shop small’ reasons include increasing the tax base of your community, increased jobs, product diversity, competition in the market, and community well-being.  Pick your reason and run with it!

Not only do I feel like I’m showing my girls what I want them to do I’m also giving them good experiences.  They like walking around a local shop and absorbing it with their senses- the smells, the sounds, the tastes (hopefully of testers not something on the floor), and the sights.  Think about how much more interesting a small shop is compared to Wal-Mart!  It’s free entertainment for them J

With everyone having smart phones it’s easier than ever to shop local!  The next time you’re vacationing, use your phone to look up a local coffee/breakfast nook instead of the big chains with their mass produced coffee and food.

As you’re doing your holiday and everyday shopping I hope you branch out and shop small- for your family and community well-being!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jordan Ilderton, CPA