What Would I Tell My Previous Self?
Posted on February 5, 2023

I’ve made over $500k since 2016.

As I move into my 7th year in business (woopwoop 🙌) I am still amazed at this journey!

Some of my previous monthly revenue goals were “take home enough to cover the girls’ tuition.”

At one point, my BIG five-year “stretch” goal was to make $3k a month!

You may see what I’ve made since 2016 and say, “that’s it?”

And that’s fine!

I wanted to be with my girls while they were babies. That was the right choice for me.

I loved being able to sit outside, feed my daughter her bottle, wave to people walking by, and know that during her naptime, I would work (AND that evening AND maybe early the next AM).

That was my journey and I am so flippin grateful for it! 🤗

This business has allowed me the flexibility to volunteer on school field trips, pick up sick kids early, walk the dog or run to the grocery store between calls.

I’ve been able to pay my kid’s tuition for amazing teachers, I’m saving for their 529 plans, I’m saving for my retirement. I’m able to pay an amazing team to support me!

It feels SO dang good to have some flexibility in my schedule AND the financial resources to pay for what I want.

It’s better than I ever imagined.

The only advice I would give my previous self?

➡️ It’s all going to work out…enjoy the ride!

I’d love to hear! How has your business provided for you beyond what you could imagine?

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