What to do if you’re a DFY service provider who isn’t booking high-ticket clients ⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

👉Maybe you’re a web designer who can’t sell your course.
👉Maybe you’re a social media manager who created a five-figure offer that no one has purchased.
👉Maybe you’re a photographer who has pivoted your services to a new industry and can’t seem to book clients with this new audience and offer.

You filled your web design, social media manager, photographer, OBM, bookkeeping, copywriter, >insert whatever DFY service you have< with ease.

Now…you’re getting crickets with your new offer.

I’ve been there…8 years ago I was a bookkeeper charging $35/hour and now I’ve had 35 consecutive five-figure months…it’s frustrating and I’ve got ONE valuable tip you can implement now to turn this around!

Without knowing YOU and you’re exact situation…I’m willing to guess you are not booking the high-ticket clients you want because of unhandled objections.

Unhandled objections can decrease conversion rates by up to 50%!

So if you’re not booking the high-ticket clients you want..let’s start with how you handle objections.

Do you see objections as a ‘no’ or do you see them as a question?

If you hear an objection and think it’s a ‘no’ and tap out…the person on the other side will feel so unsupported. They probably weren’t a ‘no’ they just need support, they need more information, that needs someone to help them know it’s 100% normal to feel scared!

My invitation (that will make a huge difference in the clients and sales you make) is to see an objection as a question.

This is when you lean IN instead of getting super uncomfortable and tap out!

Remember, you may be the first person they’ve ever invested in!
You may be the only person in their life giving them permission to get what they want!

It may take your potential client a minute AND they may need your support!

Try this in your sales process…see an objection as a question and someone needing your support!

Drop me an emoji if this lands with you and be sure to save this post when you need a reminder to go deeper with a potential client and support them better!


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