What my DFY service providers who pivoted to high-ticket for $10k months are doing to get sales right now…
Posted on June 5, 2024

👉 Maybe you’re a web designer who pivoted to offer a course.
👉 Maybe you’re a social media manager who created a $3k/month offer.
👉 Maybe you’re an OBM with a high-touch $2k a month offer.

But you are struggling to book clients.

You’re not alone.

I see SO many business owners who make a big pivot and while they easily sold out their DFY services they are struggling to sell out their high-ticket offer…and forget making those shiny $10k months they so desire.

I’m no gatekeeper…so let’s talk about the 2 things my clients are doing right now to successfully create, launch, and sell out their high-ticket offers.

They have a solid offer suite. Gone are the days when you slap a high price on something and call it ‘high ticket’.

Your offer should be a “NEED” to have for your potential client…not a ‘nice’ to have. This is the nucleus and why I offer my weeklong coaching intensives Creating $10k MRR…it’s because of THIS foundational piece. Everything gets easier when you have this in place!

If you have a strategic and scaleable offer suite and you’re still not booking clients…look at your messaging.

If you feel like your messaging is in a ‘good place’ but you’re not booking clients…with all the love in the world…you’re messaging probably isn’t!

This is the work I’m always supporting clients to refine AND I’m always tweaking in my own multi-six-figure business.

My clients are making their first $5k and $10k months and filling their rosters with high-ticket clients…and it’s from doing the work to nail these two foundational pieces!

Grab my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY service providers ready to scale to $10k months! Together we’ll focus on one of these foundational pieces so that you can close the right gap, stand out in the noise, and magnetize the right fit clients you are willing to pay for your services to solve their problem ASAP!

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