What I’ve seen after 8 years in business and supporting clients behind the scenes at every stage and phase is 👇🏻
Posted on February 8, 2024

> You’re selling your solution or you’re buying their BS.<<

What I’m saying here is, all of my clients have an audience that has an objection.
Same for you…It doesn’t matter your audience…they will have one.

That doesn’t mean you have the ‘wrong audience’. Far from it!

The reason they have an objection is typically the SAME reason they need to hire you.

Your job isn’t to ‘overcome objections’ but to lean in and listen to what they’re really telling you.

Because they have a human brain that has probably come up with all kinds of reasons they ‘can’t afford to work with you’ or ‘don’t have time to onboard you’.

If you’re sitting there nodding your head in agreement while your potential client is all wrapped up in their stories…you’re just buying into their BS.

Part of the work I do with my VIP 1:1 clients is to be in their back pocket when they’re having these exact conversations with their potential clients.

I give unlimited support in between their sessions.

This means they can message me when the *sticky* money conversations come up.

And when they are SO uncomfortable they’d rather say, “My door is always open if you change your mind” and tap out.

This is where the magic happens🪄…understanding and empathizing with their objections, not dismissing or buying into them.

And guess what? That kind of approach has not only worked for my clients but has also been a cornerstone of my journey and How I Made $239k With A Small Audience.

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