What is the most important asset in your business?
Posted on June 19, 2022

Regardless of whether your product or service-based, I can tell you your biggest asset…it’s YOU! 🤗

Are you giving yourself what you need in your business?

If your business was to rent out paddleboards for tours you would take care of those paddleboards!

If the paddleboards are such an important asset, you take care of them. You give them regular care. You don’t just leave them in the sun with saltwater on them and run them 100% into the ground for a short-term benefit. You know that you have to take care of them to serve you in the long run.

Now think about yourself as the owner of your business. Do you give yourself the time you need to serve your business well?

We’re all busy but it usually looks like this:

🔹Making decisions on the fly because we don’t have a strategic plan or numbers to back it up.
🔹Thinking you are profitable but not actually KNOWING whether you are.
🔹Wanting to hire someone but not knowing how it would actually affect your expenses or how it could potentially increase revenue.
🔹Holding yourself back from growing because you’re afraid to owe more in taxes or you’re not sure how it would fit in with your full schedule.

I could give so many more examples but essentially, we’re talking about getting you (your biggest asset) the maintenance and attention you need to operate smoothly for the long-run.

Give yourself the information and attention you need to create that intentional and sustainable business!

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