What if there was a simple way to guarantee that your business made $8k-$10k/month?
Posted on June 5, 2024

Maybe you feel like $5k a month is far away but have you thought about the fact that $5k/month is actually $60k a year?

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The online space talks in monthly revenue and the corporate world talks in annual salary.

Don’t you think you should get paid at least $60k a year for what you do in your business? Don’t you think that would be your starting salary in corporate?

I love how people wax poetic about how much they LOVE their work but the truth is, most of us need our revenue to contribute to the family economy.

Thinking we should only work because we love it is the type of narrative that holds women down.

It makes us think that we ‘should’ just love what we do so much we shouldn’t want to get paid a reasonable wage for it.

If you’re honest with yourself…you know you’d probably be making a higher salary than you do in your business.

So what’s the difference? Why do $8k-$10k months in your business feel so hard and far away?

I’m willing to guess it’s because aren’t doing the work that commands a higher price tag.
You haven’t figured out an offer that has people willing to pay you and can’t be replaced by someone else.

Because when you create a high-ticket offer…your messaging, your sales calls, and navigating objections all just get easier.

It truly IS the way to guarantee $8k-$10k months in your bank account.

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