What if I told you that getting curious could be super profitable❓
Posted on July 28, 2022
When I share this with clients, they are a little bit confused. They honestly feel like they know their business inside and out and there isn’t anything else to discover.

My philosophy is that there is always something else to uncover and learn! 🧐

Our businesses are like those little nesting dolls, one within the other. We keep opening and finding more! 🪆

Your business has a wealth of information at your fingertips! We just need to ask the right questions and solve the right problems.

A current example is a service-based client who has started a launch for her new course. We’re getting super curious about the objections coming up from her people AND she’s speaking to them in real-time.
Part of her wants to just ‘not look’ and see how the launch goes. We did some mindset work and she’s ready to dig in BEFORE the cart closes and get super specific so she can understand her people and meet them where they’re at now.
Taking the time to dig into this information offers HUGE data to you as the CEO. As they say, “Business is the best lesson in self-development!” Sometimes we have to work through our own sh…stuff to show up 100%!

Working with so many different businesses behind the scenes, I get to see clients have had some eye-opening experiences and I am so proud of them!

It’s almost like an “I don’t want to know” feeling that I hear from people but it is such a disempowering place to be!

If you’re curious about getting curious about your business…don’t wait!

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