What I know to be true after pivoting from $35/hr bookkeeping services to high touch 1:1 coaching for $20k months is this 👇🏼
Posted on June 5, 2024

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It took me TWO years to get to $20k months with my high ticket offer because I was trying to market and sell it the same way I did my bookkeeping by services.

And don’t get me wrong, you need the same actions to sell a $2k offer that you will for a $200 offer.

But….here’s what you need to sell your DWY offer:

👉🏻 a bada$$ offer that someone is willing to pay top dollar for.

👉🏻 messaging that has your audience feel SO seen- think about appealing to fewer people vs trying to appeal to the masses.

👉🏻 be willing to sit with someone in their discomfort when they’re scared to hire you. No more, ‘my door is always open’ responses. You need to be the person who will listen and ask what’s actually holding them back!

I’ve seen SO many DFY providers flop when they try to sell their high ticket course, mastermind or mentoring offer because they didn’t have all this.

When you DO have this…
🍾 you’ll be like my client who had her first $20k month!
💥 or the one who just sent a screenshot of her $9k PayPal payout
💰 or like me and create 36 consecutive five-figure months!

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