What Have I Done?
Posted on March 14, 2023

What have I done? 😳

I thought to myself while blinking back tears.

It was seven years ago that I jumped in with both feet to start my business, my oldest daughter was five months old, and I had zero revenue.

Her little face would look at me with such love AND all I could do was think I was letting her down because I quit my “safe” job and went out on my own.

I had a strong belief that I would be successful…I just didn’t know when. And with a small child relying on me it felt heavy. 😔

As I move into my 7th year of business, I have SO much appreciation for that version of me that took the leap even though it was so scary.

I love my journey and the only thing I would change would be my mindset at that time.

I gave myself a hard time.

I didn’t give myself as much credit as I *ideally* would have.

Today that’s different. I give myself tons of credit for how I show up every day. 🙌

Being in business for 7️⃣ years doesn’t mean the ‘problems’ go away…they’re just different.

And I don’t give myself a hard time about them.

I’d love to know…how long have you been in business and what’s your #1 lesson you’d love to share with your previous self?

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