What does investing in your business look like?
Posted on October 9, 2022

We have a few clients who have brick and mortar locations (downtown Charleston and West Ashley). They went to the 🏦 and got a loan so they could do the leasehold improvements, equipment, etc. Now they work hard and monthly payments are part of their life. This was the norm for SOOO long but we tend to forget about that in our online space.

Many generations of entrepreneurs have done this same thing…investing in yourself as a business owner meant going to the bank and taking out a loan. Not as many people started businesses because you really had to take a giant leap and have a solid mindset!

These days it’s so easy to start a business with little to no overhead! This is great but…investing in ourselves seems so ‘off limits’!

Getting the support we need to actually create a sales process, book the clients, and then get the backend of the business running like a well-oiled machine, seems like a stretch for so many people!

I see it so often boil down to not feeling ‘enough’ to get support. Usually, it starts as a money objection but when we dig deeper, it’s actually that they truly believe, “Who am I to get support?”

“Who are you not to?” is what I say. Why are we so hard on ourselves and think we’re 🤖 who should do it all? That’s just not a realistic life!

If investing in yourself and your business feels strange…please reach out! I completely understand and would love to offer you a free 3️⃣0️⃣ minute Get Honesty With Your Strategy To Scale Call! We’ll talk about scaling your business in a way that feels good to YOU where you aren’t stuck doing all.the.things! Link in my bio! 📲

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