What do you want to do with your money? 💰🤷🏻‍♀️
Posted on November 26, 2022
You probably have a certain income goal. A specific amount you want to make each month.

My goal was $2500/month in 2017. I literally just wanted enough money to pay for my two girls to go to daycare. That was my goal and it had a purpose.

Then we added a third child to the tuition bill. Then I wanted to be able to save more each month. Then I wanted to do facials, workout classes, hair appointments, and charitable donations (not necessarily in that order).

It all has a purpose. Every 💲 in my income goal has a purpose and is allocated to something.

We make our income goal SO much more meaningful when we give it a purpose. It’s not just a pie in the sky or some nice to have goal.

Use YOUR own values to create the take-home goals you want. You will get there SO much faster when you do!

I’d love to hear…what purpose does your money serve in your life? ⤵️