What Do I REALLY Want For You As A DFY Service Provider?
Posted on March 25, 2024

✅YES I want my clients to use their DFY service skills to create high-ticket offers so that they can make bank without working more.

✅YES I want my clients to create more take-home cash in a way that is aligned, feels good to them, and taps into their unique skills.

✅YES I want my clients to have breakthrough moments that open them up + expose who they *really* are so they can create their own perfectly imperfect life.

Moments that crack open their shells.
Moments that are real + honest.

My clients create tens of thousands of $$ in new revenue because they realize they don’t have to hide anymore.

My clients feel seen for who they truly are.

That freedom is my wish for YOU + my purpose for being here.

You can feel free. You can step into that next version of yourself that offers more to your clients.

You get to decide that you don’t have to hold back anymore playing the ‘hands’ in someone else’s business. Meanwhile, you’re silently watching them and knowing that you can support them on a deeper level.

You have unique traits that you SO want to tap into. You have skills that you can repackage and serve up to clients so that they say, “Holy sh** I didn’t know you could do that” and you don’t have to burn the midnight oil anymore.

Is now your time? Are you ready to stop hiding in the background and instead, play a bigger role for your clients?

If this is sparking your interest, your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your High Ticket Offer. On this call, you will be seen for who you truly are. We’ll crack open your shell to see what other skills are hiding that need to come out for a higher-touch and higher-ticket offer. You will walk away with clarity on the skills you can repackage and the next steps to take NOW to implement.

Comment “YES” for the link to my schedule.

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