What DFY Service Providers Are Doing To Get Sales Right Now: The shifts my clients are making to reach their revenue goals.
Posted on March 27, 2024

Did you leave your 9-5 to go all in on your DFY services in 2024 but find you’re getting burned out and underpaid and it’s only March?  

Are you wondering what successful DFY service providers are doing differently to book clients + create more cash?

Or maybe you’ve had a dry spell lasting months and aren’t sure how (or IF) you can get that momentum back in your business.

We’re now wrapping up Q1 of 2024 and I don’t know about you but so many business owners I’ve talked to are not hitting the goals they were so pumped about a couple of months ago.

They’re feeling frustrated and they’re feeling defeated.

The excitement of the New Year has worn off and they’re wondering if 2024 is going to be any different than previous years. 

If you’re sitting there wondering if all your shiny goal-setting was for naught I got you!

You’re going to want to catch this training this Wednesday at 12pm EST in my Group Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs!

In this training we’ll talk about:

  • Why NOW is the best time for transformative shifts you can implement to boost sales.
  • Real-life examples and actionable tips if you feel like you’re already falling short of where you thought you ‘should be’ by now.
  • Exclusive insights you won’t find anywhere else on what these successful business owners are REALLY doing!

If you join live you’ll get your burning questions answered in real time and be entered to win a special giveaway!  Can’t join live?  The replay will be pinned at the top of the group so you can catch it later!

** This video is from a livestream that occurs every Wednesday at 12pm EST in my Facebook Group, Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneurs.  This is a group for business owners who want to use data to make decisions from a neutral place AND create more take-home pay.  

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