What actually leads to a sale as a DFY service provider with a high ticket offer ⤵️
Posted on March 25, 2024

Let’s start with the truth that it’s hard to book clients if you don’t love your offer/your business.

If you’re frustrated that you’re not making $10k months AND you’re looking for other jobs while you wait for your business to ‘prove’ to you that it will work…

It’s going to be SO hard to make sales.

I hear it all the time from business owners…”I just want to know if my business is viable.”

Or “I just want to know if this will ‘work’”

With ALL the love in the world…it will work if you work it!

Unless you’re selling encyclopedias…that’s a different thing!

While this online space IS saturated…the upside of that is that there are more than enough people to buy your course, program, mastermind, or coaching offer.

YOU are the one who makes it viable!

If you have one foot in your business and one foot out…it’s going to be hard to book a client.
YOU need to be more sold on your services and offers than they are.

If you aren’t sure if your business ‘is viable’ someone else sure as hell isn’t going to be!

That’s what actually leads to a sale..not the most beautiful website or branding photos but you being so damn sold on yourself and your offer that people can’t help but want to throw their money at YOU!

I’ve seen these results with clients…once my 1:1 VIP client actually ‘sold herself’ on her business she booked over $3k the next month. By the end of her six months with me, she filled her client roster! THAT is the power this decision makes with your sales!

If you’re ready to create a high-ticket offer that you’re so sold on AND successfully sell and deliver on those new offers…you’re going to want to grab my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for DFY service providers ready to make $10k months!

Together, we’ll create the path so that you can transition your business to a new offer. You will be the web designer whose course fills up. You will be the social media manager whose new high-ticket/hands-on offer blows up your bank account.

This call is your FastPass to creating $10k months with fewer hours with your high-ticket offer.

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