We’ve almost butchered what “business investment” means.
Posted on February 21, 2024

Those shiny marketing promises exist for a reason…they make someone else money.

❌An app sending you the trending audio won’t solve the fact that you’re too uncomfortable to get visible.

❌That PDF download with content templates won’t speak to your potential clients’ burning desires for you.

❌Another course won’t create YOUR new high ticket, or client journey, and build relationships for you.

These are short-term bandaids🩹 + won’t create those $10k months if you’re already capped out with work on your DFY services.

They’re sold to DFY service providers as magic bullets.

We’ve almost butchered what “business investments” mean. Historically, it meant being intentional with your time + money.

Now it means buying from the flashiest marketing with the most convincing results.

If you’re frustrated that you work constantly, keep rates low to book clients, and feel like you’re barely able to pay yourself….a course that promises to teach you to ‘charge your worth’ looks really freakin appealing.

You may want to ‘fix’ your results.
And you’ll probably pay a hefty price for it.

Booking higher-ticket clients + those holy grail $10k months come from solving the *actual* problem and closing the right gap in your mindset + strategy.

Biz investments should move you toward knowing how to book premium clients + work again and again and again…not just a quick fix.

These shiny marketing promises exist for a reason…they’re making someone else money.

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