We often want to solve the problem that feels the easiest.
Posted on August 20, 2022

It’s funny how our human brains work 🧠

Example 👇
We may want to increase profit so we think we need to hire a marketing agency to increase revenue.
But to increase profit, you may need to hire more team to do admin work so you can take on more clients, or sell more each week, or look for new vendors with lower costs, or increase your average transaction value, or make it easy for previous clients to return and work with you again, etc.

Having the marketing agency may SEEM like a quick and easy fix (and there’s definitely a time and place for them).

But spending more on advertising isn’t going to magically solve the problem of increasing profitability. It’s more complicated than that.

You may spend a bunch of money and they may do a great job…but you didn’t get the results you wanted because they weren’t solving the right problem.

Yes, it was easier to hire them but if we want results, we can’t skirt around the actual issue and expect the results to appear.🪄💰

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