We Just Had one of our Biggest Cash Months
Posted on January 12, 2023

This is scary for me to say but… 😳

we just had one of our biggest cash months…cash was $18,000 and I paid myself $10,800. 💰

As a ‘numbers person’ it’s scary for me to share numbers. It feels so open and vulnerable.

And SO many women don’t share their income.

One of my long-term goals is for women to OWN what they make and talk about it.

So many women don’t get paid enough and *part* of the problem is that we don’t talk about money.

We don’t normalize this conversation.

We’re taught it’s not ‘polite’.

How do we know what’s possible if we don’t talk about it?

This is scary for me to share AND so important because what’s possible for me is possible for you (and more)!

If I can do it…I know you can too! I have seen what’s possible and
1️⃣ it feels so damn good to create this type of income
2️⃣ women build their communities when they have income.

When women have fair wages we spend our money on health, education, and our children.

But how do we take home better pay if we aren’t willing to talk about money or ask for what we’re worth?

I invite you today to have a money conversation with someone! Pick a good friend or family member and share your income now AND your income goal.