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The online space will have you belive $10k (plus) months are a myth…I disagree

$10k months are the norm here

** New 1:1 VIP spots opening soon ** 

60 minutes to clarity + connection

Feeling like something isn’t right but you just can’t put your finger on it?

Or maybe you know I need help with creating a content schedule, getting clear on my messaging, or even need QBO support but don’t have anyone in my corner to support you.

I got you!  I support my clients with the nuts + bolts of their business all the way to creating a sales process that feels good to them and nailing their messaging so they can speak to their audience and sell the sh** out of their high-ticket offer!

This time together is for you! 

It’s to give you a jumping board so you don’t stay stuck but instead bust through the wall and get to the other side so you have the results you’ve been waiting for but couldn’t climb the wall all alone.

Clients have walked away with results that would have taken them months or YEARS on their own.  Let’s fast-track you now!

**Please contact me to see if you’re a fit for this container.**

On this call, we will team up to:

Get clear on what you want to accomplish. Look at where you’re confused. What is holding you back. We can get some practical answers and get you on the right path. This will help you ASAP as you move forward and have a solid foundation to move from.

You’ll have my support and experience of supporting clients for over seven years.  I have worked with ALL different types of industries and bring all of that to the table.  You’ll have my eyes and brain fully dedicted to you and your business.

Of course, we want you to leave empowered and have the tools you need to move forward. Maybe that means we set up a template for you know what your content strategy is, where and when you’re posting, AND work on some sales posts together.  Let’s get the framework started. Then you can take the deliverable and go from there.

pathway to peace + profitability: 6 Months

Let’s book you some clients!

Nothing in the online space compares to 1:1 support.  Nothing.

You may want to hire me if…

-You’re not booking as many clients as you had hoped, you don’t have the Paypal payment notifications rolling in, and don’t have a repeatable sales process that keeps people coming through the door.  You SO desire those $5k or $10k months but have no idea how to get there OR it feels like a ‘pie in the sky’ dream.

-You know you should show up online to provide value based content AND sell your services but you’re scared to show up, feel overwhelmed on how to show up and where, and need support creating a consistent content plan that works for you!  We then look at the data to test and tweak along the way!  No more blindly making decisions or wondering ‘what exactly worked?’….you have the data at your fingertips…I’ll support you to interpret it!

-You’re scared the back-end of your business can’t handle more transactions and aren’t sure if everything is setup ‘right’.  We can support you to handle the bookkeeping AND make sure your numbers are correct and metrics tracked so you have usuable data to measure and maximize your revenue and take-home pay!

-You want to set revenue targets, have more take-home pay, and save for taxes but have literally zero idea of where to start.  We can do this together!  I’ve supported countless clients to get out of their own way, create targets and goals, AND reach them!  You don’t have to do this alone.

There are so many free downloads out there, so many courses, so many podcasts, and so many professionals who claim to have all the answers.  How do you even know where to start?

Picture being fully booked, knowing how to book clients on repeat, and feeling secure that you are paying yourself more than you 9-5 job.  


I know going all in on yourself can feel scary but…what if it works?  What if 1:1 support is THE thing to book the clients you’ve always wanted and have your bank account blowup with Paypal payment notifications!?

Let’s partner together. We use my framework of Mindset – Strategy- Organize – Implement.  

Your monthly sessions and unlimited support between is the catalyst to the clients + cash you so desire!


they don’t have the answer

The online space will sell you another course.

Another freebie download.

Another $37 template.

What I know to be true after supporting business owners for over 7 years is that…a $37 template or strategy-out-of-a-box is not what creates a six, multi-six, or seven-figure business.

All that shiz….is just not THE thing for the cash and clients you want.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels, wasting your precious time and money…I got you!

My 1:1 support with help you to cut through the noise, find your path, and create the Peace + Profit in your business that make you fall head over heels in love with it!


results include


Increasing revenue by $10,000 in our first month working together because they were SO clear on their action steps and had us to support their bookkeeping.


Added five-figures of revenue a month with strategically placing offers and knowing which ones worked.



Fully booked their spots in their busy season using strategic selling AND knowing which ones brought and converted traffic.



Made $10k off a ‘test offer’ in a 2 week launch.



Found $34k of cash that would have not been collected due to a processing error by their team member.



Non-tangible results include building self-trust, feeling peaceful around numbers, and knowing they have someone in their corner.


what you get

Three 45 minute meetings a month where we are 1:1.  We talk mindset – strategy – organization – implementation and get super clear on where we need to focus. You are so supported to know what your best next step will be AND stay in it for the clients you want.

Unlimited support between session from me via Voxer which is like having a mentor and coach in your back pocket.  Anytime you need support before or after a sales call, I’m there.  If you want some eyes on your content or sales page, I’m there.  Anytime you’re doubting your goals or revenue targets and want to give up, I’m there.

The opportunity to include your monthly QuickBooks Online bookkeeping in this container.

the investment

The six month Pathway to Peace + Profitabilty is a monthly investment of $1500/month + 10% of NEW revenue created while we work together (aka I don’t make more if you don’t make more)!

You will have the option to renew at the end of six months (99% of my clients renew and have worked with me for years).  Contact me if you have questions or want more information around this… I know this is a different model and am open to ALL of your questions and want this to feel good to you!


in-house bookkeeping

You are a business owner who needs to deep dive into your numbers. Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve grown. Alot. You just don’t have time to keep up with the bookkeeping.

Our team is here to take care of that for you!  We can set you up in QuickBooks Online or pick up where you left off!

This service is only an add-on to the monthly advisory package.  We would love to take this off your plate and free up your time to step in as the CEO of your business!

what you get

All transactions entered and reconciled each month for bank, credit card, and line of credit accounts.  Potential for sales tax submission and payment.  We set up fixed assets and new loans.  You will have reliable numbers each month and know that you are ready for tax season!

You will have a dedicated amazing bookkeeper who takes care of your looks like they are her own.  We make sure we ask questions to get everything entered correctly.  

We request W-9 forms from vendors throughout the year and have them set up and ready for YE 1099 filing.  Each January, we file forms 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC easily and timely for you!

the investment

The base rate is around $500/month (for multiple bank and credit card accounts as well as sales tax filing) as an add-on to the Pathway to Peace + Profitablity six month container.  An assessment of your books will need to be done to provide a firm quote.

what clients say

Michele Neskey

Michele Neskey

I have been working with Jordan for over a year and I can honestly say she has helped my business grow. She is responsive and thoughtful, and she takes the time to give me all the details I need to see the changes I am looking for in my business. She has allowed me to see the potential in my business and I am excited to continue my journey with her!

Michele Neskey

The Posh PA

Elizabeth Shealy

Elizabeth Shealy

Jordan you are such a ray of sunshine for my business! My books were jumbled and disorganized and somehow you made sense of it all! Now I am caught up and I have a huge sense of relief to know that next year during tax time I won’t be up nights. You literally saved me and my marriage! Thank you!

Elizabeth Shealy

Rock Beauty

Holly Thorpe

Holly Thorpe

Jordan has a soulful approach that helps keep what’s important to ME as the forefront of my business. She’s helped me create profitability goals and helped create clear pathways to meet them. Jordan is patient with guiding visual, right-brained folks like me. She makes you feel that she’s always got your back. I highly recommend her services!

holly thorpe

Wild Craft

Iris Miranda

Iris Miranda

I am super grateful to Jordan for the knowledge and help she have provided me. I am excited to take control of my business and personal finances and blissful for the changes that forthcoming. It was easy working with her because she make it easy to understand and work with me in each of the subject matters that I was having a hard time understanding. She was responsive and professional. Thank you Jordan!

Iris Miranda

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Working with Jordan was a pleasure. As a contractor, I read numbers on a tape measure but reading them as it applies to business was a completely different thing. As a business owner, it can be very hard to ask for help. But Jordan was very easy to talk to. She has a great energy for what she does and she has a true talent when it comes to all things business. Hiring someone like Jordan can be intimidating. After all most of us don't even know how to read financial reports let alone be able to talk to someone who can produce them. But she made the process very easy.

chris smith

Smith Trade Renovations

Chris Smith

Annise Blackwell

Life and business changed when Jordan took on our bookkeeping. We no longer feel confused or alone in monthly accounting or bogged down by tax season. As our business began to grow Jordan took the initiative to help us better harness our direction and efforts. She’s completely worth the investment.

Annise Blackwell

Coastal Cruising Carts

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