Washing off the ick when you’re a DFY service provider who just raised rates….
Posted on February 21, 2024

AND realized you priced yourself out of booking clients.

(and YES I used a green screen because this busy business owner with 3 kids isn’t recording herself standing in the shower 🚿 with clothes on #nothereforthat).

Someone said, ‘Charge your worth’ so you thought you did.

Or someone accused you of a ‘bad money mindset’ because you charged an hourly rate.

When in reality…those DFY services just weren’t set up to charge high-ticket and make those $10k holy grail months you’ve heard so much about.

At a certain point….you need a different offer to get you to those five-figure months…not a different mindset (though I’m all about some mindset work)!

But from a practical standpoint, your first step to five-figure months is to repackage those bada$$ DFY skills into a higher-ticket offer.

That’s where I come in!

8 years ago I charged $35/hour for bookkeeping services and now I’m a 1:1 coach with 34 consecutive five-figure months. NOW I’m ready to support you so that you can stop burning the midnight oil and create your new offer that commands higher rates.

If you’re ready to trade hourly pay for $10k months your best next step is to grab my FREE Strategy Session: Create Your Hight Ticket Offer! On this call, we’ll define your DFY skills so you get clarity on how to support your clients on a deeper level and charge a higher price tag to match.

You’ll walk away with a clear offer so you can make more 💰 BECAUSE you have the services to back it up and that people actually want to pay because of the higher value you give.

Stop feeling like you’ve done something wrong by raising your rates and instead solve the real problem that is your DFY offer.

Comment “YES” to get access to the link to my schedule!

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