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Posted on October 9, 2022

“What to release? A buttoned-up business.”

Every night I think about what I want to release and then what I want to replace that with. Sometimes it’s superficial and sometimes I get pretty deep and am impressed with myself and what comes up!

This was one of those game-changer moments.

I knew that feeling like my business had to be ‘buttoned up’ all the time was:
❌ stressing me out
❌ blocking me from taking on new work
❌ keeping me from enjoying the summer with my kids

That first month of summer I kept making myself wrong. I felt “bad” for wanting to work and I felt “bad” for wanting to hang out with my daughter. I put myself in a lose-lose situation.

I know that there will always be a ‘to-do list’ in business! I thought I had learned this lesson a long time ago! Sometimes life just makes us learn the same lesson over and over!

Once I released having a ‘buttoned-up business’ I felt SO much better!

It meant:
👉 There will always be things to do
👉 I have clear communication with clients as to expectations and turnaround

I also realized…I was the ONLY one who cared if my business was ‘buttoned-up”! My clients love our work together because they feel peaceful and know that we have it handled! They know they have a thought partner to help them create more revenue AND more profit. They don’t care if I respond to email faster than anyone else on the planet!

Now I think of my business as that professional friend who can let her hair down! Who can hang with the best but still get S*** done.

I have to ask, “What would you release?” Drop a comment below and feel free to share! ⤵️

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