Want me to spill the tea on why so many businesses are closing down when my clients are scaling to $10k plus months?⤵️
Posted on June 5, 2024

And look…I have SO much compassion for those who are closing their doors.

But the reality is… business owners have less cash to spend on bookkeeping, social media management, web design, wellness & health services, and are cutting back so they can try to stay in business.

I’m no gatekeeper so here it is….the #1 thing my 1:1 clients have to support their growth vs closing down is ⤵️

👉🏻 Their ability AND willingness to pivot.

Strategic adaptability in business will ensure that YOU ride the waves of change and not only maintain your clients + cash but scale when other businesses are failing.

One client increased her net income from -$1411 in March 2023 to $20k in March 2024,
Another increased her profit by 1457% from working together, and it’s because of THIS…

A willingness to get curious and strategically adapt when needed.

How can you apply this to YOUR business?

👉🏻While you don’t have to fundamentally change your biz…you can make tweaks to your offers, your messaging, and how you generate leads so that potential clients have clarity on why you solve the problem they have.

👉🏻Look at what your own biz is telling you. This saves you time and energy because you’re taking the right actions as opposed to lots of random actions!

If you’re a DFY service provider ready to embrace strategic adaptability and ensure your business not only survives but scales to $10k plus months, you want my FREE training Your Six-Figure Switch: How the savviest DFY service providers pivot to DWY for $10k plus months!

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