Video Killed the Radio Star
Posted on July 26, 2019

I’d like to do a TECH talk! Recently, I’ve received some questions about my Hubdoc Certification and what it is. In a nutshell, there are some amazing ways to work cloud-based now.

First, I’d like to discuss a FREE option. For those of you with QuickBooks Online there is a way to manage receipts through the QBO app. This option is “free” to those of you with QuickBooks Online.

Just download the app, select the plus sign and select ‘manage receipts’. If you don’t have room for another app, go online to the ‘banking section’, ‘receipts’ and set up receipt forwarding from your email. You can take a picture with your phone and text it to “” and it will (eventually) appear under “Receipts”. This option takes slightly longer than the app. You can also “manage users” and have multiple people able to use this feature.

Then you’re all set to have your receipts stored in the Cloud and match them to QBO transactions. It is a serious time-saving/cover your rear/help out your bookkeeper feature!

On to Hubdoc….it does multiple things! You can (securely) connect your bank/credit card accounts and the monthly statements will automatically feed into the platform! Not only that but you can save all your receipts to it via photos, email forwards, or scan them. Hubdoc calls it “audit proofing” your books.

Instead of me chasing down statements from my clients, they can create a profile and each month have their checking account, savings account, and multiple credit card accounts all auto-fetched. They don’t have to log in to multiple banking websites, save the PDF statement, and then upload to my Sharefile site. Simple and time-saving!

I’m the first to admit I’m not the most tech savvy person- I still use (and love) my old school paper calendar! But I enjoy being efficient and these are a couple tools I like that help me out.


Jordan Ilderton, CPA