Unpopular opinion…
Posted on March 25, 2024

❌ I DON’T map out my content topics a year in advance.

✅ I DO have a framework for each week’s content and specific categories for each day.

But mapping out content topics WAY in advance, from what I’ve seen working behind the scenes with businesses for 8 years now, doesn’t convert to paying clients as quickly.

Here’s why ⤵️

If you want your content to convert to clients + cash (aka do it’s job for the hard work you put into it) it needs to resonate with your audience in THAT moment.

Guessing what your audience needs to hear a year in advance will water down your content.

I’m on 1:1 client calls and free calls all day every day.

It would be wildly unaligned for me to ignore all this juicy information that business owners are bringing to me in real-time just so that I can talk about a topic I mapped out MONTHS ago.

It doesn’t make sense and you’re leaving money on the table doing this.

I know it seems ‘easier’ but it’s *actually* easier to speak to your audience with their ‘real-time’ pain points and book clients faster.

Instead of some arbitrary year-long topic mapping….take what your people are telling you NOW and turn that into posts in the upcoming weeks.

Take objections you’re hearing NOW and turn them into posts that speak to those and poke holes in them.

Take problems your clients are facing NOW and turn them into valuable content that someone else can use.

If you’re feeling like you aren’t sure how to use real-time data…I got you!

Your best next step is my FREE Sold Out Strategy Session for my DFY service providers ready to make $10k months. This is 1:1 support so that you can get clear on what your potential clients need to hear so that they can hire you NOW.

On this call, we’ll dive into the juicy data you have at your fingertips that you want to use now. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of the content to create now so that you stop leaving money on the table with the generic content topics you mapped out.

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