“Ugh I hate potholes so much,” I said under my breath as I hit my SECOND pot-hole in a row. 🕳😠
Posted on July 23, 2022

Then I swerved and missed the THIRD pothole that was in line. 🙌

Missing that third pothole was not only good for my car but so satisfying to me!

I used my previous information (2 potholes in a row) to make a *better* decision going forward.

We can do the same thing in business!

We can use our experience and data to increase our revenue and profitability going forward (and our overall enjoyment)! 💃🏻

2022 is halfway over! Let’s use this time to map out our fall and winter. 🗺

Otherwise, you stay on the same path and keep hitting the (proverbial) potholes.

That is exactly why I’m inviting you to my FREE 5-day Profit Planning Challenge! This is bite-sized content (perfect for summer) that you can do in 5 minutes a day.

We will use the 5 days to set up the #1 structure every business needs to run like a well-oiled machine! We will use YOUR vision and core values to set your foundation for peace and more profit.

This is FREE to sign up and you will receive daily emails with a video and fillable PDF you can complete in 5 minutes a day! You will also be in our Facebook group the Peaceful + Profitable Entrepreneur to receive support, get questions answered, and cheer each other on.

As an extra BONUS, I will give away one of my 60-minute Clarity + Connection In Your Business Intensives (worth $597). We’ll use this time to make sure you have a clear blueprint for your business and measurables to know if you’re still on track. The winner will be chosen based on participation and showing up- easy right? 🔗 in bio 📲

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