Trying to build a business ‘by ‘activating your feminine?
Posted on January 28, 2024

Or from ‘pleasure and spirit’

Or by charging your crystals?

How’s that working for you?  I call it ‘online snake oil’.

After 8 years of supporting clients…here’s my opinion!

Making those holy grail $10k months doesn’t just come from “pleasure and orgasmic manifestation” or ‘connecting with the divine’.

I know it is soooo tempting to think that if we ‘fall in love with ourselves’ the clients will flock to us.

I call Bullsh**.

We can be SO desperate for business growth that we resort to ‘online snake oil’ just hoping beyond hope that increasing our feminine energy or charging our crystals with the full moon will make a difference.

I’ve been there. I’ve dropped thousands of hard earned 💰 on a mastermind who taught this stuff…and there I was after four months with zero new clients (OR business strategy) to show for it.

These ‘coaches’ who push ‘wealth activation’ and ‘tapping into pleasure’ have gotten louder and louder. It’s easy to create this type of content when you’re not backing it up with actual strategies or data.

As a numbers person (my background is accounting and I dabble in GA4 and Looker Studio) I can SEE the literal cash and clients that my support brings my people in their 1:1 business coaching.

How can you ensure that what you’re consuming & buying is legit?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

➡️ Just because something worked for someone else…doesn’t mean it will for you…or that it even makes sense!
➡️ Be wary of language that is emotionally manipulative. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that shames or blames you for what you’re doing.
➡️ Evaluate your root stressors. Analyze what is *actually* going on in your business. Does this person solve the problem you have?

Please don’t hand over your power to someone because they say they’ll ‘open the portal’ for you!

Booking clients + increasing revenue is simple. It’s based on building relationships. If you’re feeling like you’re falling down the rabbit hole of shiny marketing that claims to ‘crack the code’ for you…I have a better way!

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